Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I need to praise the power of Mother Nature as she has given us everything we need on this planet to thrive.  Essential oils are the immune system of the plant and are considered to be mankind’s first medicine.  Essential oils are the aromatic volatile oils coming from plants or plant parts (roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, resin, shrubs, and more) penetrating our cells to increase oxygen uptake, improve absorption of nutrients, enhance longevity, and help your body to detoxify.  Usage includes applying topically, inhalation, or as a dietary supplement.  All of the body’s systems can benefit from using essential oils.

The athlete can benefit from the use of therapeutic grade essential oils as there are no side effects that pharmaceuticals have.  Essential oils, “the life blood of the plant,” can help in bringing balance to the body systems disrupted from travel (such as digestion, sleep), overuse injury and inflammation, and a variety of stressors.

Athletes are constantly dealing with bumps, bruises, and managing all sorts of acute injuries on a daily basis.  Recovery is the name of the game and maximizing recovery time is necessary to consistently maintain an elite level of performance.  Incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into your lifestyle will bring nothing but positive results.  Some of these oils have the power to help relieve inflammation and pain when applied topically with a carrier oil like jojoba, olive, hemp or coconut, when applied neat (undiluted).  Other essential oils, when inhaled, have positive psychological effects that can help manage stress, anxiety and even depression while other oils help you sleep.  These oils are very potent and concentrated plant matter that can help anyone, especially the athlete.  See the list of therapeutic grade essential oils below and their functions.  Note that many specific oils can be used for many different conditions.


Copaiba                                   Thyme                                     Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree)

Lavender                                 Peppermint                              Roman Chamomile

Nutmeg                                   Wintergreen                            Clove



Lavender                                 Cedarwood                             Vetiver

Valerian                                   Roman Chamomile                 Sandalwood

Marjoram                                 Orange                                                Grapefruit



Peppermint                              Lemon                                     Lemongrass

Ginger                                     Anise                                       Tangerine

Fennel                                     Spearmint                                Clove



Lavender                                 Roman Chamomile                 Sandalwood

Frankincense                           Basil                                        Bergamot

Lemon                                     Grapefruit                               Ginger



Peppermint                              Vetiver                                                Helichrysum

Clove                                       Wintergreen                            Copaiba

Idaho Balsam Fir                    Lemon                                     Lavender


Muscles and Bones:

Basil                                        Peppermint                              Lemongrass

Marjoram                                 Cypress