Family Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Health Counselor Deborah Dittner is a frequent contributor on local and state media.

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Monthly                           Mohawk Valley – In Good Health

20 – May – 13                 The Saratogian: What to eat when traveling

23 – April – 13                The Saratogian: The balancing act of good nutrition

17 – March – 13             The Saratogian: Protecting yourself against environmental toxins

23 – February – 13         The Saratogian: Combating inflammation for a healthy heart

26 – January – 13            The Saratogian: A strategy to combat the cold and flu season

17 – December – 12       The Saratogian: A little preparation makes for a happier holiday

22 – November – 12      The Saratogian: How to deflate dangerous belly fat

17 – September – 12      The Saratogian: Beans to the rescue

25 – August – 12            The Saratogian: Beauty tips that don’t involve makeup

23 – July – 12                 The Saratogian: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in the summertime

16 – June – 12                The Saratogian: Energize for the summer

22 – May – 12                 The Saratogian: Ahhh choo!!  Spring is in the air!!

14 – April – 12                The Saratogian: Coping with cancer…naturally.  Part 2

April 2012                     Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 74:  Women’s guide to anti-aging

March 2012                  Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 73: Preventing Cancer…Naturally

27-February-12             The Saratogian: Coping with cancer…naturally.  Part 1

February 2012              Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 72: Love Thy Heart

16-January-12               The Saratogian: For your health: Healthy, natural skincare during the wintertime

January 2012               Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 71: Chase away wintertime blues

December 2011            Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 70: Holiday Survival Kit

21-November-11           The Saratogian: For your health: a time to give thanks

November 2011            Mohawk Valley – In Good Health – Issue 69:  ‘I didn’t want to die’

24-October-11               The Saratogian: For your health: seven superfoods for fall

25-September-11         The Saratogian: Happy families are another reason for healthy eating

22-August-11                The Saratogian: For your health: Back-to-school nutrition is vital to a good start

25-April-11                   The Saratogian: Strategies for living an abundant life

22-March-11                The Saratogian: Learn how to combat aging in teleclass

29-January-11             The Saratogian: Stick to your fitness resolution

21-December-10         The Post Star: Don’t worry, be happy during the holidays by Alex Matthew

15-November-10        The Saratogian: Surviving the holidays without a lot of sacrifice

28-October-10             The Saratogian: Tips for a healthy Halloween

20-September-10        The Saratogian: 7 ways to remove toxins from the body

23-August-10               The Saratogian: Healthy breakfast choices for school children

21-July-10                     The Saratogian: Surviving the sweltering days of summer

21-June-10                    The Saratogian: Slow down, feel better

18-May-10                    The Saratogian: Time for spring cleaning, in the home and in the body

22-February-10            The Saratogian: How to maintain a healthy heart

1-February-10               The Saratogian: Healthful tips to love your heart

14-December-09           The Saratogian: Make some simple adjustments to curb intake of

holiday calories

16-November-09          The Saratogian: 16 ways to boost immunity

21-September-09          The Saratogian: What is integrative medicine?

13-July-09                      The Saratogian: Aging bones require special attention

14-April-09                    Health Briefs: Holistic Health Program – Speaker

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