So what does it take to change your genetic predisposition,

to live a more vibrant life, and

to balance your body?

It takes knowledge, research, understanding and an ability to connect to what matters most to you.  And I can show you how.

All of these qualities and more is what makes The-Balanced-Body Approach work best for you to attain a healthy life.  No two people are alike so no one diet, exercise or lifestyle strategy fits all.

With me as your guide, you’ll experience a personally developed program designed to achieve your goals in areas such as weight management, sleep, energy and medical concerns.

You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting upgrades that will improve your energy, balance and health for years to come.

The-Balanced-Body Signature Approach covers 7 essential areas to improve your health and happiness.

Area #1Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants. Michael Pollan

Eating the best quality, most wholesome, organic and seasonal food as nature provides can make the difference in how you look and feel, and can quickly reverse unhealthy conditions.

Area #2 – Be active!

Movement, whether it be an early morning walk or run, your favorite yoga class, or working in your garden, will stimulate the immune system, lower your blood pressure, ease asthma, balance your hormones, lower blood sugar and extend your life.

Area #3 – Remember to breathe

Our breath affects every part of our body by providing oxygen to our organs, cells and tissues for regeneration and proper function.  I’ll show you simple breathing techniques that will also decrease stress, lower blood pressure and improve the immune system.

Area #4 – Live simply

No need to keep up with the Jones’s.  Simple motivation and lifestyle strategies will help you to grow, heal and be free from your health challenges.

Area #5 – Rest the body

This will not only boost the immune system, relax the muscles and blood vessels but will also decrease stress.

Area #6 – Count your blessings

People who can express gratitude and appreciation sleep better and experience a whole variety of health benefits.  Gestures of gratitude provide inspiration on what makes life special and makes it all worthwhile.

Area #7 – Celebrate you

Getting healthy is more than just eating right and exercising.  It’s about feeling great and enjoying life.  I’ll encourage you to celebrate your progress every step of the way.  Your health and happiness will shine through as you achieve your goals and nourish yourself with positive actions.

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