If you’re a coach, or team owner and you’re looking to give your team’s players a healthy and natural performance boost, as well as speeding up recovery time using a totally holistic diet and nutrition based support, please contact me.  I work with individual players and entire teams to develop clean eating plans that reduce inflammation in the body related to injury and over exertion, speed up recovery, and naturally increase energy and stamina.

Personalized Sports Nutrition is the next wave for athletes, amateur and professional alike – not through powdered supplements and protein shakes, but through whole, natural, balanced foods. Check out this article to learn how professional teams are looking to nutritional coaching to give their players a competitive edge.


I look forward to helping you feel your best.  Appointments are available near Saratoga Springs, NY,  and by phone.  To get started, please choose the best option for you.

Schedule Breakthrough Session

This session is perfect if you’re not sure what services would be best for you and you would like to spend quality time talking with a medical professional about your unique situation.  In this private telephone or in-person consultation with me, I’ll guide you to:

  • Discover how your everyday food and lifestyle choices affect your health, your family, your work and your overall happiness.
  • Uncover which nutrition and lifestyle patterns are fueling your life goals and those that sabotage them and what to do about it.
  • Outline a custom-designed The-Balanced-Body action plan to take charge of your weight, energy and health issues (without turning your life upside down or giving up your favorite comfort foods).

We’ll start this journey together with a meaningful The-Balanced-Body session.  It’s the essential first step to deciding if working together privately is the right solution for you.

Normally I offer this private, one-hour session with me for $297.

My gift to you: If you’re finally ready to get healthier, please click on the following link to book a Breakthrough Session today for only $247 through May 1, 2017.

If we decide that working together will give you the skills to balance your body, your investment in this breakthrough will be applied to your program as a special, new client welcome gift.

Call 518-596-8565 to schedule a Breakthrough Session.


One Day Wellness Retreat

Twice per month, I offer private one day The-Balanced-Body intensives.  These personalized retreats are designed with your specific healthcare concerns in mind integrating nutritional guidelines, self care, physical activity, relationships, and more.  This day is focused totally on you to create a lifestyle plan toward improved health and wellness for years to come.  This is perfect for those who travel or for those who want answers fast.

Call 518-596-8565 to schedule a One Day Wellness Retreat



In this private one-hour session, we will address both acute and chronic conditions, using a powerful energy medicine that gently promotes balance among all the body’s system.  $77

Call 518-596-8565 to schedule a Reiki Session.

Not sure what Reiki is?  Click here for a brief overview.


Speaker Services

I offer inspiring workshops, seminars, and tele-classes for community organizations and businesses on the connection between nutrition and living a healthy, successful life.

Call 518-596-8565 to schedule.